TRUfade™ Review & Results

Upon performing a TRUFade™ review one might be impressed with the TRUFade™ results. We invite you to perform a review of the TRUFade™ website to become more familiar with the product, ingredient information, and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Upon research, you will see that TRUFade™ reviewed beneficial ingredients to include within the formula to bring you one of the best tattoo fading gels on the market. Not only does TRUFade™ contain natural ingredients but it is also formulated for safe, daily applications without posing a potential for scarring or damage to the skin. TRUFade™ works by using powerful whitening ingredients like Chromabright® and the unique blend of the Gigawhite™ ingredients.

A few commonly asked questions may be Does TRUFade™ work on both new and old tattoos? The answer is YES. It is recommended that TRUFade™ be applied to newer tattoos when all peeling has been stopped and the area is completely healed. If applied too soon, irritation may be experienced due to application to open, exposed skin. Another common question we receive frequently is does TRUFade™ really work on both black and color inks? TRUFade™ is formulated for all ink types and colors. Some inks that are not made of general tattoo inks may take longer to see results. How well TRUFade™ works will greatly depend on if the individual applies TRUFade™ continuously twice daily, as directed.

TRUFade™ reviews customer feedback and product information on a regular basis to help insure we’re providing accurate, informative information on the product. Please use our contact form if you would like to contact us or provide feedback on the TRUFade™ product that you feel might be helpful for future users of the product. TRUFade™ just may be your answer to fading that unwanted tattoo! Order TRUFade™ today!