TRUfade™ Tattoo Fading Gel

Experience Uncompromising Results

• Applicable to Old and New Tattoos
• Formulated for Black and Color tattoo inks
• TCA and Hydroquinone-free formula
• Contains Gigawhite™ and Chromabright®

The TRUfade™ Formula

TRUfade™ is the #1 tattoo fading formula that contains natural ingredients to visibly diminish that unwanted tattoo. TRUfade™ is formulated for application to old and new tattoos, all color inks, and all skin types. You will find that TRUfade™ does not contain ingredients such as: TCA, acids, or hydroquinone. TCA and acid ingredients have been known to cause potential damage to the skin such as scarring, if not applied correctly.‡ Hydroquinone has been banned by many European countries due to the potential dangers this ingredients has been linked to.† Fortunately, at TRUfade™ our customers skin health is our top priority and this is why we bring you our natural formula which does not include these potentially harmful ingredient’s within our formula.

How does TRUFade™ Work?

TRUFade™ contains beneficial ingredients to visibly fade your tattoo such as Chromabright® and the complex ingredients of Gigawhite™. These ingredients have been shown to provide whitening capabilities to reduce the appearance of your tattoo with potentially less risk of damaging or scarring the skin.

TRUFade™ is an easy application processes as you simply wash and cleanse the area, exfoliate the tattoo area with a loofah or rough sponge, and apply TRUfade™ in a thin layer overtop the tattoo area. Repeat this process twice per day. Exfoliation of the tattoo area is very crucial as this helps to remove the dead skin from the top layer of the tattoo allowing the product to penetrate new layers of the ink to be faded. When the application directions are followed continuously, results may be seen in as little as 90 days.

What are TCA and Other Ingredients that can Potentially Damage the Skin?

TCA which stands for Trichloroacetic Acid, is an ingredient that most Dermatologist or skin care professionals use as a peeling agent. When TCA is applied to the skin it causes it to burn, then in turn new skin forms due to the reaction. Due to this process once the acid is applied some individuals may experience blisters, burns, and even permanent scarring. Information supports that TCA can scar or damage the skin if not properly applied.‡ TCA is typically applied in a medical professional’s office only.

There are other tattoo products on the market that promote their products in the same way as an acid type application. This type of application is normally applied once, with lengths of less than one minute of the product keeping in contact with your skin. The effect of the product contacting the skin then leaves a red raised area that is often irritated and sore. This side effect can last anywhere from a week to a few months. These applications can sometimes be painful due to the individual’s response to the product ingredients, and the burn effect that might occur to the skin. Sometimes these type of products may need to be applied more than once which could lead to more in-depth potential of scarring. Most individuals do not realize that a scar can be a side effect from applying one of these types of products. This can be very detrimental depending on the size and the area of the body the tattoo area is located as you were originally trying to fade an unwanted tattoo, and now you may be looking at a raised red scar.

Bottom line….Don’t always trust one-time application products, as it might be the worst choice when it comes to the end result. Use TRUFade™ as it contains natural ingredients and does not contain TCA or acids that can potentially scar the skin.

Getting rid of the ugly appearance of your tattoo doesn’t have to be painful. When using TRUfade™ you will find that the formula is safe and gentle for daily application, formulated for application to both old and new tattoos along with all color tattoo inks, and does not contain any harsh ingredients that might pose risk of damaging or scarring the skin. Begin fading your tattoo today with TRUfade™, order now and don’t forget to take advantage of the Buy 2 bottles, Get 1 Free offer for the extra cost savings!